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Fundraising with TheTopSpotOnline


Fundraising for Organizations

Fundraising can be a daunting task for most nonprofit organizations taking into consideration the voluntary nature of the whole process. Government grants, private donations, gifts and sponsorships are some of the ways nonprofit organizations raise funds to enable them to run and carry out their activities. These grants, donations and gifts aren't the only avenues available to nonprofit organizations for raising much needed capital.

TheTopSpotOnline.com has developed a unique platform that allows nonprofits, clubs, online communities and social groups to raise funds for their respective organizations.

How Non Profit Organizations Can Raise Funds Using TheTopSpotOnline.com

TheTopSpotOnline.com, unlike most affiliate networks, allows its members to create money generating webpages hosted at TheTopSpotOnline.com called Spots. These Spots are then used to promote the best deals from the most popular online retailers. Companies such as Walmart, BestBuy, Macys, Kohl's, Nordstrom's and many more are all available to be promoted on a Spot. Non Profits can sign up as an organization and take advantage of this great websites uniqueness by inviting loyal donors to shop through their Spots knowing that all commissions earned would go to the organization.

TheTopSpotOnline is the newest online avenue for fundraising. The website is designed to bring traffic to its Spots by the nature of its various operations and promotions. The steps you need to take to get started on TheTopSpotOnline are -

1. Sign-Up at TheTopSpotOnline.com and register your organization
2. Create a spot for your organization
3. Choose the retailers and deals you want to promote.
4. Share your Spot information with your social networks, organization members, family, friends, donors and the general public.
5. Earn commissions on each validated sales originated through your spot.

It's that simple. Informing your organizations supporters that if they begin all their online shopping efforts through the organizations Spot at TheTopSpotOnline all approved purchases will generate commissions that go to the organization. Supporters can register Spots in support of their favorite organizations as well and direct all commissions earned be sent to an organizations PayPal account.

Fundraising at TheTopSpotOnline

TheTopSpotOnline is the perfect platform for fundraising. The benefits derived by registering your organization with TheTopSpotOnline.com, is unquantifiable. Register today with TheTopSpotOnline.com and give your online fundraising a boost.