SPOTT, the Token at TheTopSpotOnline

SPOTT is an NTP-1 token that runs on the Neblio blockchain and is also known as a cryptocurrency. The word “cryptocurrency” is often used as an umbrella term to describe all digital assets connected to blockchain, there are actually two main categories that most of them are a part of: coins and tokens.

Coins have one function: to transfer a monetary value and are unique to their own blockchain. Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Neblio (NEBL) are good examples of coins.

Tokens, on the other hand, are crypto assets that run on top of another coins’ blockchain. They are the digital tie-ins used in blockchain-based applications. SPOTT is a token on the Neblio blockchain while the coin for the Neblio blockchain is NEBL.

SPOTT is a utility token. A utility token is usually pre-mined and created initially by the developer of a platform on a blockchain. They’re designed to serve a specific purpose within a platform’s ecosystem and are generally distributed to investors during an initial coin offering (ICO) phase as a way to generate interest in the product or service. Plans are in motion for the SPOTT ICO. Users will be able to purchase and use the SPOTT token as a form of payment on TheTopSpotOnline. Utility tokens are used to redeem or gain access to a particular service on a platform.  

The SPOTT token is expected to increase in value along with demand, especially with the limited supply of tokens made available. With SPOTT being linked to TheTopSpotOnline platform it’s scalability will enhance the value of the token accordingly.

What is SPOTT?


SPOTT is the native token of TheTopSpotOnline web application, a Music NFT platform offering various forms of Music NFTs’.


How can I invest in SPOTT?


Investors have several options to buy SPOTT during the upcoming ICO. It will also be available for sale in the application when it goes live.