Why Music Stream NFTs at TheTopSpotOnline Will Sell Out

Anthony Hopkins, the actor who played Odin in the MCU, has seen his first NFT collection sell out in less than 10 minutes. NFT prices have been mimicking the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum over the year 2022. In spite of this Hopkins stepped on to the NFT market and garnered instant success.     

The Music Stream NFT, as they are created at TheTopSpotOnline, will carry the same kind of interest generated by that shown in Anthony Hopkins’ NFT Collection.  NFT’s that are attached to celebrities are given intrinsic value by the public. Music Stream NFT’s will have that same kind of intrinsic value based on the popularity of the music and musicians they are tied to.

Brad Jones, founder of TheTopSpotOnline, says “Music Stream NFT’s are poised to be the biggest thing in the NFT market.” Music Stream NFTs at TheTopSpotOnline are tied to artists releases on the top streaming platforms. These NFTs’ will also be tied to a crypto currency created by the recording artists. NFT owners will earn the artists cryptocurrency as the popularity of these songs grow on their related streaming platform.  

TheTopSpotOnline, built on the Neblio Blockchain, provides a unique platform for Music Stream NFTs to track the number of streams, likes, popularity and playlist additions of the songs the NFTs represent. This information will be tracked over the life of the NFT allowing each NFT to gain in value as the music grows in popularity. Real value added to NFTs made by popular or burgeoning artists is the next step in the evolution of the Music NFT.

Prior to the advent of TheTopSpotOnline music NFT’s were simply NFT’s that had a unique musical composition attached as its digital component. Music Stream NFT’s are tied to songs on a streaming platform where the stream count, playlist adds, and song popularity can be tracked by TheTopSpotOnline platform. So, a musician with music on Spotify or SoundCloud can create a Music Stream NFT collection at TheTopSpotOnline. Tie a Music Stream NFT to each song on each streaming platform. Authorize the sale of a limited run of Music Stream NFT editions to their fan base. Then reward the new Music Stream NFT owners with Token payouts as the stream count and popularity of the attached song grows. So Music Stream NFT value is now based on real world measurable attributes that can only lead to a growth in revenue of the Music Stream NFT. This process also creates a secondary bonus for the musician (NFT Creator) because now the Music Stream NFT owner has a vested interest in seeing the musicians stream count grow and will be encouraged to promote their Music Stream NFT at the same time, they are promoting the NFT Creators’ music.

Music Stream NFTs at TheTopSpotOnline provide a new opportunity for artists to earn money off their music. The Music Stream NFT can now replace the sale of CDs as a source of revenue for the independent new artist. Get started creating and investing in NFTs at TheTopSpotOnline.