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About TheTopSpotOnline


What We Do

TheTopSpotOnline is beginning a new trend in the online world of Affiliate Marketing. We are merging affiliate marketing with social networking. TheTopSpotOnline.com has made it possible for everyone to have their on Affiliate Marketing Spot. You can personalize your spot at TheTopSpotOnline.com with deals that are strictly for you or open it up to share with your online friends.

How It Works

Affiliate marketing is a web-based practice where a business rewards affiliates for sending sales, leads, sign ups and members their way. The reward could be commission based, flat fee, or a monthly commission rate, based on the product or service sold. TheTopSpotOnline has joined with several Affiliate Marketing Networks and we allow our Spot Owners to promote Merchant deals on their Spots.

A Spot at TheTopSpotOnline.com is webpage with a unique name created by a registered Member. The creator of a Spot is considered the Owner of that Spot. Once you create a Spot at TheTopSpotOnline.com you may choose to promote any of our provided affiliate links, promote links of your own, promote products or deals of your own or any subjects, ideas or websites of your choosing. If you choose to promote our provided affiliate links you may earn a commission for each purchase that resulted from a click on our links.

How You Make Money

When a visitor to your Spot clicks on a provided Merchant Link (Deal) and is sent to the Merchant’s website where he or she buys something a transaction has occurred. When that transaction is validated by the Merchant the Spot Owner will have earned a commission. We will pay that commission to the Spot Owner using the PayPal information supplied in their profile.

Bringing Commerce to Social Networking

Once you have your Spot completed you will see that we have made it easy to share your spot on all the top Social networks. You will be able to add links to your Spot on your Facebook Timeline. Tweet links to your spot on your Twitter feed. Stumble your Spot at StumbleUpon.com. Bookmark it on Del.icio.us.