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The Problem

Remember when an up-and-coming artist would walk up to you with a CD in hand asking you to buy their music for $5. Well, streaming platforms have taken away this kind of transaction for the up-and-coming music artist.


Today an artist would have to get over 2,000 streams before earning that same $5. The Music NFT at TheTopSpotOnline promises to bring back the days of those intimate transactions between fan and artist. Indie-artists can start earning money for their music again.


Currently established musicians and artists are experimenting with selling their music tracks, albums, and covers as NFTs in auctions rather than through traditional markets.

The Music NFT at TheTopSpotOnline will put established artists back in the driver seat of their careers. Making it easy to launch Music NFT collections for existing and upcoming releases on streaming platforms.


In 2021, the Music NFT market value was estimated to be close to $1.240 billion. According to a recent forecast, the Music NFT market will reach a value of $42 billion by 2032.


We are showing that there is a different way to utilize Music NFTs that will work in concert with streaming platforms but still allow musicians to make direct sells to fans with Music NFTs from TheTopSpotOnline.

Music NFT’s at TheTopSpotOnline are non-fungible tokens that are tied directly to a song on a streaming platform. The metadata for a Music NFT at TheTopSpotOnline is the liner notes from CD's and album covers. Something to read when listening to the song on a streaming platform.

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